Etsu Tsudi, a wicked, bloodthirsty ruler of the West African Nupe empire, invades Zazzau; a small village in Hausaland. This triggers an irreversible sequence of events that sets Amina, a would-be warrior princess, on a quest to save her people from Etsu Tsudi’s tyranny.But, against a culture and time when female activism is forbidden, and with looming uncertainty over what Zazzau’s ancestral gods have fated for her, Amina’s quest appears doomed from the start. Sholape Kolawole's debut novel is a fascinating excursion to sixteenth century West Africa. Enjoy the coming of age of a powerful African warrior - Queen Amina of Zazzau. Sholape delivers Amina's world in vivid, exciting detail against a backdrop of adventure, conflict, and ancestral power.

Amina: Making of a Queen


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