Giant Afro. Even Bigger Brain. Jaden Toussaint, 5 year-old scientist and all around cool dude, can tackle any problem with his super-powered brain power. This time our hero must survive all alone with only his mother, father, and all his friends to keep him company when his sister goes to sleep-away camp. Sissy being gone is bad enough, but now that she is, who will protect him from...The Swamp Thing? Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest is a series of chapter books that kids and parents love. Kids love the awesome brain power and ninja dance moves of a superhero as real as they are. Parents appreciate the author's humor, but they love watching their kids-- even reluctant readers-- keep turning pages. Fans ofJunie B. Jones, the Magic Tree House, Dan Gutman, Ivy and Bean, and Franny K. Stein will lovethe Jaden Toussaint series of illustrated chapter books. They are hilarious andempowering for kids and grown-ups alike. Get your copy today.

Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest Episode 4: Attack of the Swamp Thing  [Ages 5-10]