Let's Celebrate Kwanzaa!’

This book can be used and enjoyed by the whole family as an introduction to the Pan-Afrikan holiday, Kwanzaa.

‘Let's Celebrate Kwanzaa!’ keeps cultural education fun with bright, bold images, poems, stories, activities and family games!


In this book, you will learn about the seven principles of Kwanzaa (nguzo saba) and how to apply them as lifelong virtues.

These principles are emphasized and reinforced during Kwanzaa but can and should be used as;

  • a foundation for personal development
  • to aid in forming Rites of Passage
  • African Centered approach to learning
  • betterment
  • growth
  • knowledge of self
  • self-love
  • respect for others and unity
  • cultural pride

Kwanzaa is often misunderstood or assumed to be a religious holiday, but through the examples in this book it becomes apparent why all Africans (at home and abroad), regardless of religion, tribe or political stance can benefit from acknowledging, applying and teaching the next generation about the seven principles of Kwanzaa.


Let's Celebrate Kwanzaa!: An Introduction To The Pan-Afrikan Holiday, Kwanzaa, F

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