This fun, beautifully illustrated story of a Turtle who loves her Afro is for all who know that curly Afros are beautiful! The Turtle with an Afro is frustrated because her springy head of curls will not stay in place. But Turtle soon sees the light, and learns that her curls are DYNAMITE! Children will love to read along with this celebration of curly, kinky, coily hair in all it's forms, and learn a lesson on self-love and acceptance along the way! The Turtle with an Afro features an anthropomorphic character with an African American likeness, which includes thick, curly hair. However, Turtle’s struggle with styling her hair is an experience that girls and women are likely to identify with, regardless of cultural background. The plot centers on her emotional journey from frustration to excitement as she styles her “fantastic, frolicking, feisty” hair. This poetic, alliterative children's book makes for an engaging read aloud with young kids at home and at school. Its playful tone and fast pace hold the attention and delight of readers. Ultimately, this is a story

The Turtle With An Afro

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    • Paperback : 34 pages