In this charming picture book, Turtle must overcome stage fright before she can follow her dream of sharing her voice with the world.

Turtle has put her own twist on a familiar song and practiced passionately for the school talent show. But on the day of the show, she faces a problem every reader will understand: the fear of messing up her big performance suddenly becomes overwhelming. In the second book in the Turtle With An Afro series, Turtle isn’t sure she has what it takes to dazzle the audience. After careful reflection, she gets ready to take the stage with her family cheering her on. The playful illustrations burst with energy on every page, and the lively, rhyming text will have children hanging on to every word. Fans of the first book in the series will be delighted to see Turtle rocking her signature Afro throughout the book, along with numerous other chic hairstyles.

The Turtle With an Afro: A Star is Born! by Carlotta Penn